Its all coming together…

Its been awhile since I’ve updated the blog- been busy with moving and other such things. We have a videographer and DJ under contract. We are working on signing the photographer. Flowers are selected. Tuxedo information will be going out soon. We will be doing the tasting soon. Now we are working on wedding bands. Oh and we have a time! 1pm. I’ve update the Information¬†page. We will add additional hotel information to that soon.¬†Finally, we have the invitations, and they will be going out soon! You’ll be able to mail in your RSVP, or by the wonders of technology you can do it right here on the RSVP page! That will be going live soon.

I know these last 94 days will be going by quick, and the stress will grow. But Kat and I are beyond excited for the wedding!


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