Our Story

In early May 2013, a certain SIR (Mike) and his soon to be Mrs. SIR (Carina) were on a train platform ready to board. They were being dropped off by Kat after her son’s birthday party. During this time, she offhandedly said “Why aren’t there any good guys out there?” Mike and Carina looked at each other, and both said “Well you know… there is this guy…” And so began the story of Matt and Kat.

Mike was Matt’s best friend from college, and Carina was Kat’s best friend and roommate from college. They had met, dated, and were getting married in a year. They gave Kat’s number to Matt, and made sure it was okay if he called. Matt called Kat on Monday, May 13, 2013, at about 9:30pm. He caught Kat in the shower, who asked him to call her back. After that false start, they talked for three hours and fell asleep exhausted but happy. Other than that coming Wednesday, they’ve talked to each other every single day to this day. That first two weeks though, they talked for a couple hours a night.

They decided to meet at Longwood Gardens, because they both loved fountains and fireworks. It wasn’t until almost meeting at 1pm that they would spend nearly TEN hours together on their first date. If it went bad, it would go really bad. But it didn’t, and they loved every moment of those ten hours. They shared their first kiss under the stars- one of which would brightly go shooting not ten minutes later. It was a magical, wondrous night.

They dated for another four months, and early on they knew they were made for each other. Matt began planning the proposal- at Longwood Gardens of course! He slyly had to talk to her parents (while she was out getting food and being semi-stalked by a creepy guy at the grocery store) and to get four stones for her ring. By the day it came, everybody knew but her. While her son was in the hospital, her mom made sure she got out to visit Matt at Longwood, because she knew the plan.

Matt however didn’t know exactly where he was going to ask until half way through when he decide. Before then, he was very quiet and just kept moving from place to place quickly. Finally, he got her two the place. As he said many sweet things to her, and even got down on his knee, she did not understand what was going on. She was shocked into silence, because Matt had to ask twice! But of course she said YES!

And now their long journey is taking its next step…